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European Cybersecurity Competence Centre and Network
News article6 July 2023Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology2 min read

The ECCC’s latest Info Day webinar discusses new cybersecurity calls

The ECCC held its third Info Day event in the form of a webinar, aiming to raise awareness of Digital Europe Programme calls, strengthen the cybersecurity ecosystem, and encourage collaboration.

ECCC Info Days 5 july

On 5 July 2023, the ECCC continued its Info Days series by organising a new webinar. With the intention of disseminating critical information and raising awareness on present European calls under the Digital Europe Programme, the webinar gathered over 130 participants to learn about new financing opportunities and encourage them to take action to respond to these calls. With many questions from the audience, the event served as a testament to the enthusiasm and capability of the European cybersecurity community to successfully respond to European cybersecurity needs.

The ECCC Info Days series has been launched in order to share information on important European calls. Therefore, as part of its bigger mission of boosting the European cybersecurity market and market competitiveness, the ECCC supports European companies in staying informed about funding opportunities. These events also encourage networking and collaboration among the European cybersecurity community, thereby encouraging the formation of consortia and the building of a strong cybersecurity community so that EU calls can be answered successfully.

The third event of the ECCC Info Days series, powered by the European Cybersecurity COmmunity project (ECCO), was organised to share information on the four main calls of the Digital Europe Programme that opened on 25 May. Therefore, after introductory remarks by Francesco Barbato (Head of Sectors, DG-CNECT), Francesco Barbato and Wide Hogenhout (DG-CNECT) presented the following calls, which will close on 26 September:

The speakers provided a comprehensive overview of the calls for the audience, including the objectives, scope, outcomes and deliverables, targeted stakeholders, and suggestions on how to measure the outcomes. The audience was also given tips on how to make the best application possible. The presentation can be found HERE.

At the end of the presentation, the audience had the chance to participate in a Q&A session on the calls. The large number of astute questions from the participants exhibited the enthusiasm as well as the ability of the European cybersecurity experts to successfully address the needs and demands of the larger European community.

In sum, the third Info Day webinar served as an informative and successful addition to the series, leaving no doubt that the initiative will continue to foster informative discussions, the formation of a robust European cybersecurity community, and an overall safe Europe.