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News article13 June 2023Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology

The ECCC’s ”Info Days” Series Commences with a Webinar on Open Cybersecurity Calls

The ECCC launched its Info Day series to disseminate critical information and raise awareness on European cybersecurity funding opportunities. The ECCC Info Day webinar was a successful prelude to a series of Info Days events in 2023.

ECCC Info Days

On 1 June, the European Cybersecurity Competence Centre (ECCC) inaugurated its Info Day series with a webinar. The primary objective of this event series is to effectively disseminate critical information and raise awareness on present and future European calls under Horizon Europe and the Digital Europe Programme. Through these efforts, the ECCC strives to strengthen the European cybersecurity ecosystem and the European cybersecurity market, by boosting financing opportunities and inspiring European stakeholders to respond successfully to these calls while fostering collaboration. Lastly, European companies get the remarkable opportunity to pitch their solutions in front of the representatives of the EU bodies responsible for funding allocation.

On 1 June 2023, the ECCC hosted its first edition of the ”Info Days” series in the form of a webinar. Powered by the European Cybersecurity Community project (ECCO), the Info Day webinar opened with a speech from the European Commission’s Miguel Gonzalez-Sancho (Head of Unit, DG-CNECT), followed by awareness-raising presentations by the European Commission’s Francesco Barbato (Head of Sectors, DG-CNECT) and Wide Hogenhout (DG-CNECT) on important European cybersecurity calls.

The presentation focused on introducing three calls of the Digital Europe Programme (DEP): ”EU Cybersecurity Resilience, Coordination, and Cybersecurity Ranges”, ”Capacity Building of Security Operation Centres”, and ”Uptake of Innovative Cybersecurity Solutions”. Besides conducting an in-depth review of the calls, the speakers provided comprehensive insights into the subject areas covered by these calls, along with delving into the budgetary aspects, criteria and guidelines for submitting project proposals. Their presentation is accessible HERE.

After the presentation, the following cybersecurity businesses were provided with an online venue to present their solutions and innovations in front of representatives from official European funding bodies:

In addition to insightful pitches from the providers listed above, the audience had the chance to participate in a Q&A session on the calls. The insightful questions from attending participants, as well as the ingenious presentations on the part of Resecurity, S&T ISKRATEL, and Regulation Partners, left no doubt that European cybersecurity market players have the ideas, skills, and expertise to efficiently and successfully address the cybersecurity needs and demands of the larger European community.

The ECCC Info Day webinar served as an insightful and successful prelude to a series of forthcoming ”Info Days” events. The next Info Day event will be organised in person in Stockholm on 16 June 2023. Please find more information on the upcoming event here – we hope to meet you and hear your pitches there!