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European Cybersecurity Competence Centre and Network
News article9 November 2023Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology

The Austrian ICT security portal

Safe handling of digital devices and applications, awareness of security threats and cyber attacks is essential to be able to operate in the digital world. Citizens and companies can find important information on the Austrian ICT security portal.  

Austrian ICT

Attacks against computers, smartphones and other devices are becoming increasingly more complex and professional. For this reason, the ICT security portal Onlinesicherheit went online. The ICT Security Portal is a strategic measure of the National ICT Security Strategy and the Austrian Cyber Security Strategy to promote and sustainably strengthen the ICT and cyber security culture in Austria. Cybercrime already ranks as one of the five fields of crime with the largest impact on society's perception of security. In order to counter this trend, greater safety awareness, digital training of target groups as well as technical and organisational measures are necessary.

The ICT security portal, as a central Internet portal, was created in February 2013 in close collaboration between administration and economy with a total of 40 cooperation partners. The portal is currently operated by the Federal Ministry of Finance. As a cooperation partner, the Center for Secure Information Technology Austria provides expert input for all publications.

The portal deals with topics related to security in the digital world and it is unique in this form. The extensive range of services is aimed at both beginners and experts. It includes information on Internet risks, advice and help on the secure use of computers, smartphones, inter alia, information on security standards, security manuals and legal regulations, etc. as well as further information and contact details of hotlines and reporting points for emergencies – guaranteed independent and well-founded.

To make the portal even more attractive, specially produced videos (information videos, expert interviews) are published. The content of the videos is tailored to the monthly focus topics.