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Réunions d'experts

3rd ENISA Telecom & Digital Infrastructure Security Forum

Connect with industry leaders, authorities, and experts at the forefront of telecom and digital infrastructure security and be a part of the conversations at the 3rd ENISA Telecom & Digital Infrastructure Security Forum.

The event provides a platform for electronic communications providers, digital infrastructure entities and the relevant national Authorities to: 

  • Share good practices and experience on coping with latest security threats, covering topics like routing security, satellite communications, submarine cables security, zero-trust architectures, 5G security, RAN Security, interdependencies between telecoms and energy, telecoms as a shield, internet fragmentation
  • Discuss the changes arising from the latest legislative initiatives such as NIS 2 Directive and exchange views on identified challenges and opportunities
  • Present emerging technologies and relevant initiatives
  • cybersecurity | telecommunications industry | telecommunications | critical infrastructure security
  • mercredi 24 mai 2023, 09 h 30 - 18 h 00 (CEST)
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Événement extérieur

Informations pratiques

mercredi 24 mai 2023, 09 h 30 - 18 h 00 (CEST)
Epic Sana Marquês
Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo 8, 1069-310, Lisbon, Portugal
Agence de l’Union européenne pour la cybersécurité
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